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How to open an Instagram Link Sticker in your Favorite app?

INSTAGRAM UPDATE: On 30th August, Instagram announced an update to discontinue the swipe-up feature from their ecosystem.

Have you heard about the Instagram swipe-up button being replaced by Link Stickers?

If you are not aware of what Instagram story’s Swipe up news is, then here is a short update about it. According to our reports, Instagram is getting rid of its Swipe up gesture, which was used to open third-party links shared by the creators, influencers, and brands. 

But Swipe up is no more…

What is Sticker? Instagram provides you dynamic graphic elements to add to your stories, these graphic elements come in editable and non editable forms and are popularly known as stickers. Some are clickable and others can be used for interacting with the story. Here are some commonly used stickers on Instagram:

What is a Link sticker?

We are already familiar with stickers, especially clickable text stickers which we often use for tagging stories to friends. Link stickers are not new to the world, but how to use them for redirecting links to a native app is talk of this post and an interesting topic.

If you have ever used links in your Instagram bio or in your stories, then it is a common problem for you, when you want to redirect your followers to a native app (eg, youtube) for gaining more subscribers. But Instagram restricted the link to open in their inbuilt browser.

This results in losing your potential subscribers as they are asked for logging in to their youtube account, which is a pretty boring task, adding to it 80% of us don’t even remember our youtube password.


There is no official way provide by Instagram to redirect their users to a different app. And there is no hope for it. Instagram strives to retain its users on its platform for longer durations. 

They don’t want you to steal their user, but there is a method by which you can easily redirect your follower to another app within their phone.

Redirecting Instagram app to other apps

How to Redirect “Link Sticker” to open in another App

Why is it so important? If you have a YouTube channel, play store apps, landing page, or an amazon affiliate website then you have the pain of getting almost zero conversions due to its inbuilt browser feature. 

My story

Once upon a time,  I tried selling an affiliate product on my website by running Instagram ads.

But I failed drastically, the reason being I was unaware of the fact that People are placing orders, but when they are redirected to the Amazon site, on the Instagram platform then they are asked to log in for placing the order.

And who does that boring task, literally No one! And I suffer loss. The story ends here.

You must be curious about the solution, by now!

I will not take must of your time now, here is what I did to solve this issue. 

I went on to ask google! He showed me various ways to do so first was by visiting firebase which is owned by Google itself and creating a dynamic link to redirect my users, but the process was very lengthy. So I am putting a link to the firebase site you can learn more from there.

How to create a link that redirects in another app:

  • Open web browser in phone/desktop/laptop.
  • In the address bar type in
  • Here you will get to 3 steps to follow.
  • In 1st step paste the link that you want to share on Instagram. In my case, I want to share a video link that I want to get opened in the Youtube app.
  • After pasting the link go to step 2 select the app in which you that link to open. Here I am adding my youtube video link.
  • In the 3rd step click on generate the link, a newly generated link will appear on your window, copy that link, and paste in Instagram bio, stories, IGTV video, and DMs.
  • Make sure that you are logged in to use this tool for free.

Now it’s easy for you to redirect followers to other apps from Instagram, What next? 

To get the best results from your link, you must know about different places where you can paste external links on Instagram. Many people don’t know that they can place external links at many places on Instagram such as IGTV, Bio, DMs, and stories.

Different places to put external links on Instagram:

Starting with IGTV videos description, many of us are unaware of the fact that we can put external links in our IGTV videos. Below are the steps on how to do so.

In your IGTV videos:

Here is how you can add external links in the IGTV video description.

  1. Click on any video in your IGTV channel that you want to edit.
  2. Now tap on 3 Dots appearing on top of IGTV video.
  3. Tap on edit;
  4. Go to the description section.
  5. Enter the link that you created through the ‘App Opener’ tool.
  6. Tap on the ✔ tick icon to save your edit.

In your Profile Bio:

It is a popular option, many of us add our links to the bio section. If you don’t know, here is how you can add bio links:

  1. Go to Edit Profile option;
  2. Look for the site option, paste the app opener link and 
  3. Tap on the Tick ✔ icon to save your edits.

In Direct messages;

Instagram restricts links to only a few places, DMs is one of the places where you can put external links. But overdoing it may cause your account penalized by Instagram.

In Stories:

  1. Create a story
  2. Tap on the stickers icon, and select the Text sticker. (or link sticker)
  3. There you need to add the link that you have just created through ‘app opener’, and
  4. Place the sticker at the right place so that your users can see it properly.
  5. Click on the tick icon at the top right corner.

Note: Instagram only allows verified users or users with 10k followers to add a blue tick to add sticker links on their stories.


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