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Normal Link Vs Deep link

Normal Link Vs Deep Link | How to create a deep link?

Marketers are moving away from normal links giving preference to deep links. Deep-link has gained a huge reputation over the past few years. It has been a favorite method of linking since its origin in 2012 by google, for its google plus platform. This was the first example of app-to-app deep linking

Deep Linking enables marketers to increase app installs and overall engagement with their products. Deep Linking has several advantages over normal links, it can transport identified users to desired apps and specific in-app locations. It has become a key to success for marketers for this reason.

Today we will list out some major advantages of deep links over normal links, so stick with this post. Deep link vs normal link detailed oppression in this post.

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What is a Normal link?

Links are clickable text or an object on a website that takes you from one destination to another when clicked. There are various methods of generating links on a webpage such as images, buttons, and texts. It is classified upon its destination as external and internal links.

External links take you to another website whereas internal links are used for navigating from one webpage to another within the same domain.

Although links are very helpful for redirecting users to a specific destination. Advancement in mobile operating systems makes it difficult to redirect users from one app to another.

App companies are now using web view features to retain their users on the same platform. This reduces their bounce rates and helps in increasing recall values. Keeping this in mind marketers prefer using deep links.

What is a deep link?

Deep-link is an advanced version of normal links. It can land users directly to the desired app instead of opening in the built-in browser of the same app where it was placed. Its ability to transport users directly to another app saves users from the tedious process. 

Deep-link can take you from one app to another only if the destination app is already installed on your phone, else it will be redirected to the play store where you can easily download the app. 

Another advantage of a deep link is to land users on a specific section of an app, this gives a user-friendly experience. Here we found some of the major advantages of deep linking.

Advantages of Deep links over normal links (Normal Link vs Deep link)

Deeplinks are used for redirecting mobile users to a specific product or a promotion page by marketers. These are not only restricted from app to app transportation, but can also be used in Emails, SMS, webpages, Ads, and social media sites as well.

The most common use of deep links can be seen in push notifications, wherein users are directed to a particular page within the app.

Let’s understand this with an example: suppose Harish has a clothing store on amazon. He created a poster for social media which directs users to his product page on Amazon. 

In this situation, only a deep link can help you to transport the user to the exact section within the amazon app, with normal links, this functionality won’t work. Along with this Deep links has several other advantages such as:

Normal Link Vs Deep Link

5 Advantages that makes deeplinks a Hero: (Normal Link vs Deep link)

  1. Deeplink provides a fluid user experience: With it, you can easily navigate your potential customer through ads to a particular section where they get the exact offer that was promised on the ads. Now your user doesn’t require to locate their favorite section such as “offer page” through multiple tabs.
  1. Deeplinks can bring users to app from different platforms such as; 
    1. From website to app
    2. From app to app
    3. Social media platform to app
    4. From SMS to app
    5. From Email to app
    6. From push notification to app
    7. Other possible paths
  1. Improves user retention rates: Deep links provide a valuable user matrix which is then used by developers to make changes that improve overall user retention on the platform.
  1. Re-engaging users through push notification: If it is found that the user is inactive for a longer period of time then deep links can be used for sending push notifications targeting users to a specific page or a deal especially, designed for inactive users.
  1. Efficient reallocating of marketing budget: Through deep links, it is easy to track the source of users, this gives an advantage to marketers, as they can allocate more budget to successful sources.

Now, we have sufficient reasons to use deep links in our marketing campaigns, what next?

Here is how you can create deep links for marketing:

How to create a deep link?

If you are an app developer then you already know many ways of creating deep links and it’s a time-consuming process. But we will give you a simple method by which you can easily create multiple backlinks. Here we will take the help of a free tool “ app opener” to create multiple deep links.

App Opener, a deep link generator platform that provides its users to create deep links with few clicks, It supports all platforms that allow normal links. If you are running an ad campaign for app installs or want to redirect your Instagram followers to YouTube. App Opener is the best option to create shareable links. 

Normal links are restricted by most apps to open in their own inbuilt browser. With deep links generated through App Opener, you can get easy success in your marketing campaigns. 

Follow to process to create a deep link for your next marketing campaign:

Step 1: Open web browser on phone /desktop /laptop.

Step 2: In the address bar type in

Step 3: Here you will get 3 steps to follow.

Step 4: In 1st step paste the link that you want to share on Instagram. In my case, I want to share a video link that I want to get opened in the Youtube app.

Step 5: After pasting the link go to step 2 select the app in which you that link to open. Here I am adding my YouTube video link.

Step 6: In the 3rd step click on generate the link, a newly generated link will appear on your window, copy that link, and paste it into your ad.

Best practice

If you want to gain maximum conversions from your deep links, then make users land users directly to a specific product or a landing page. Avoid directing them to the home page for making them navigate through to the offer page themselves.

It has a high potential to convert users into your followers. But avoid using them excessively, any link used excessively on the platform may be identified as spam.